Artisan Chocolate, with a Pinch of Imagination

My Sugar is not just chocolate; it’s an experience. Come on down and try it for yourself!

About us

My Sugar is the manifestation of a lifelong love for chocolate by Kaylah Greenberg. The dream is to go beyond the ordinary: My Sugar is part love and part skill, with a healthy dash of craziness thrown into the mix. With My Sugar, the chocolate sensations of your wildest imagination have finally come true. My Sugar is run by Kaylah and her partner, Asher, whose love for each other and love for food are self-evident.

Kaylah Greenberg

Kaylah’s love for chocolate has endured well into her adulthood. Her childlike wonder for confectionary has always been firmly entrenched, allowing her imagination to burst forth with innovative ideas that will tickle any fancy. She has worked tenaciously in the food industry for years.

Asher Isaacs

Asher Isaacs’s lifelong passion for cooking has led him to fulfil a successful and interesting career in the culinary industry. Having worked in some of the world’s top restaurants, he has now sought a new challenge in the chocolate and confectionary industry. His passion and skill with flavour is made obvious with just one bite of what’s on offer at My Sugar.

Our Process

The Ingredients

We personally choose the highest quality chocolate from which to create our artisanal delights. Our experienced chefs have a keen eye for quality, ensuring all our products are up to the highest, and most delectable, standards.

The Chocolate

We’ve taken chocolate to the next level. Our chefs are constantly working up unique and delicious curiosities to thrill the imagination and stimulate your taste buds. If you are looking for a new way to experience the world of chocolate and confectionary, then come have a taste.

The Experience

Our chocolate and confectionary creations can be bought and enjoyed in store, with a cup of our specially chosen coffee roast. Products can also be made to order and enjoyed as gifts, or just a little treat for home! We offer free unlimited wifi, so come on in and enjoy yourself, listening to blues rock and hanging out.

Unique Coffee Blend

Our original coffee blend has been personally selected to perfectly match our chocolate creations - Poured with skill and served European style. We serve a rotating selection of single origin coffee so you are guaranteed to find the perfect flavour to suit your palette. We also serve various “super thick” drink creations, like milkshakes beyond definition, as well as the most decadent hot chocolate available.